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    The “intoplane” service consists of the on-board supply of the fuel aircraft needed for flight operations. In order to ensure that engines do not fail during flight, the quality and quantity of fuel is of paramount importance.
    Taking into account the characteristics of this type of fuel, the operation must be carried out with due respect for safety and the environment.
    Currently, the main fuel used by most aircraft is kerosene, with its different specifications, depending on civil or military use and geographical area: USA or Europe. Aviation gasoline is also used on a small scale for light aircrafts.

    Fuel Supplies

    There are two types of aircraft fuel supply:

    Through tanks

    Fuel from the large storage tanks is loaded into tanks of varying sizes (between 5 and 80m3), which are moved near the aircraft's parking area, to connect to it and carry out the operation.

    Through dispensers

    In this case the airport has a network of underground pipelines that carry the fuel from the larger storage tanks to the parking area where the aircraft is located. The fuel is supplied through a small vehicle carrying filtering equipment and meters.